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Greens for Everyone!

The White House garden is bearing fruit. And vegetables.

I heard about it on NPR on my drive this afternoon. Sam Kass, White House Associate Chef, was talking about all the things the students of Bancroft Elementary have learned while working with Michelle Obama. These are the students who dug the dirt back in early spring, the students who planted the seeds and helped tend the garden. Today, these students joined the First Lady and a whole mess of press for a harvest meal.

For today’s feast, lettuces, chard, peas, and kale were in abundance, the early tomatoes were just shy of ready, and Sam had the opportunity to show off the first eggplant snuggled in the greens. Kids were eating vegetables seconds after picking them today. The best part of all, however, was listening to Kass describe the effects the garden had on the students. He focused on one student in particular, who spoke of having learned the importance of gentleness—with the plants, with the earthworm he dug up—and what that meant for his relationships outside the garden.

Give it a listen. It will make you smile.


Lunches on the Go

Well, as most of you are aware, I have joined the 9-5 crowd.  This explains my infrequent forays into the blogosphere these days.  Not only is there just a lot less time (thanks to the commute, plus the fact that I’m working 6 days a week while also finishing a contract gig), but my wrists and back are not loving enforced, back-to-back hours at the computer.  In any case, I thought I’d take a few minutes for a short update on what I’ve been figuring out after a month of trucking lunches to work again for those of you looking for ideas!  In no particular order, here are some of my favorites.

  • Peanut butter and banana sandwiches on sprouted cinnamon raisin bread
  • Cucumber, tomato, feta, and olive chopped salad
  • Hummus with a variety of dipping vegetables
  • Plenty of fresh fruit (with or without yogurt) for snacking
  • Avocado sandwiches with lettuce and tomato on lightly toasted bread
  • Trail mix (that I mix myself) for snacking
  • Cold grilled eggplant with cream cheese, tomato, and lettuce on toasted bread or a fresh, whole-grain bagel
  • Curry (eaten at room temp, as I dislike the microwave)
  • Smoothies (loads of frozen fruit and yogurt from grass-fed cows)

I’m starting to feel the need for more creativity, however…I will let you know what I dream up as the summer progresses!  I’m sure our farm goodies will provide inspiration.  Tomatoes and sweet corn are coming ripe, as are loads of summer squash.  Expect an update this weekend sometime!  In the meantime, what dishes are you enjoying for work lunches or picnics these days?